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Complaints for phone number 1800 875 011

There are 3 reported complaints for phone number: 1800 875 011. Add your complaint

Wednesday, July 12 2017 01:43 AM
Same experience as above; installing new software and somehow got diverted to this scammer; who said he would change the licence holders; got access to my computer somehow and locked my machine then hung up. Again nothing on my laptop so did a factory reset, reformatted everything and changed all my passwords. Reported to Telstra. An Indian too.
Saturday, June 10 2017 05:40 AM
HANG UP.... scammer. Exact same experience as above. Lucky I said thanks but il going back to the Apple Store. He then hung up on me.
Greg Gilmour
Monday, April 03 2017 03:45 AM
Scammer. I bought a brand new computer today (3/4/17) and a subscription to MS Office 365. Typed the setup URL into the the browser bar and managed to get diverted to this bogus site where the installation allegedly failed and I was instructed to call 1800975011 for assistance. A man who sounded Indian allegedly tried to install but said he was unable to because the (brand new, unused) PC had a virus and I believe he was about to try to sell me software. When I said I would simply take the pc back to the retailer he said he would "lock" it. I immediately pulled the power cord out of my router but he had already changed password and I was unable to bet back in. Luckily, because it was a brand new machine and no other installation I was able to perform a simple factory reset without any loss (or so I hope.)

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