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Complaints for phone number 1800 767 821

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Wednesday, July 09 2014 03:05 AM
I am a support worker for an elderly couple who just bought a new HP All In One running win 8.1. She was having trouble getting email to work and searched for microsoft support phone number. This number was on a site top of the list and was told answered as Microsoft. They accessed her computer from the get go and told her the email had been hacked and locked costing $100 to fix. They used scare tactics about having her bank details at risk making her feel she had no option and when asked if they were microsoft would not answer. Should of hung up. If pensioners can't be safe then who can be? Further action will be taken.
Wednesday, June 11 2014 09:27 AM
same as above. After about 45 minutes after she had logged in via remote access still couldn't resolve the issue and kept asking if I had a second computer.
Only when I advised I wasn't interested anymore due to the $49 fee, they gave me another number to call which they advised was toll free and where I could get assistance. Not true
Friday, March 14 2014 08:06 PM
It he same issues as other people who have commented. I thought I was talking to Microsoft. After some time controlling my computer she showed me what I thought was errors and warnings against my files, she then gave me two options to fix infected computer. A one time fix of $149.99 plus gst or a much more expensive option. She said I could pay for it using credit card and to fill in details on same infected computer. Gut feeling told me something was wrong, especially when I told her that we had Norton security on the computer and that no warnings were being given by Norton. She said that Norton wouldn't necessarily be able to pick up problem. I disconnected immediately and rang Norton who confirmed that it was a con and I did correct thing hanging up. They rang back and sent a text messages asking me to connect again. I said NO!!!! Then 2 mins later received a message2text saying that issue was fixed!!!! I intend reporting this scam to Australian Govt website.
Friday, November 15 2013 11:04 AM
Exactly the same thing for me. Took over my screen and removed files. Big scam.
Sunday, August 18 2013 05:26 AM
I was having problem installing my MA Office and googled that problem and in Microsoft website contact number was for US/Canada and google Microsoft Support Australia. The I got this number, when I called it was quick and they told me to go to Internet explorer and type I logged in and someone was there to help me. They had control over that PC, remote assistance.

Then she told(over chat) my office is expired and again she said its not compatible and blah blah. I couldn't believe that as I was trying to reinstall that after my HD crashed.

Then she told me she can help me and can give me good discount for new Office 2010 for $249.99+GST normally $499.00. Then I told her its not fair that I have to pay that much and she told me now they gonna give me lifetime support. Then she told me she can do it for $149.99+GST and after some time she said the best she can do is $88.

Then she tried to close my paint brush when i was trying to save the conversation just for my record and she was closing my windows and minimizing the chat window and finally she disconnected the chat. Then only I searched online and came to know it want actually MS instead it was scam.
Wednesday, August 07 2013 09:46 AM
Claimed to be microsoft support and opened a remote desktop session. After 1 hour playing around with things on my computer they tried charging me up to $450 to fix a bunch of issues. When I said no he persisted until he said "well how much can you afford".
Monday, March 25 2013 01:33 AM
scam malware users.

tried hacking my computer and charging me money to delete viruses, which were not there until they were on my computer

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