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Complaints for phone number 1800 767 584

There are 30 reported complaints for phone number: 1800 767 584. Add your complaint

Friday, December 22 2017 07:21 PM
Yep, just got hit with a $15 charge on my phone bill for this, subscription I have never signed up for.
Kathy Marston
Thursday, August 10 2017 09:43 AM
Was charged twice for this scam. Rang Optus and they said they couldn't take it off my bill and that I would need to call the 1800 number and cancel. Not sure why I need to cancel when I never subscribed anyway. Not happy with optus
Muhammad Ali
Saturday, August 05 2017 08:36 PM
i received messages from no. +1 990 000 -7
to best tones & pics and I not subscribe for any service but in my monthly bill optus charged me $21.80 this is ridiculous.
Hung Ninh
Monday, June 19 2017 06:26 AM
Similar to the below,
I was charged for three $27.25 for five messages from the above number.
Caz Gee
Friday, May 05 2017 08:21 PM
Found charges of nearly 30$ from this scam! Unbelievable. Calling Optus now!
Margaret Farrell
Wednesday, April 26 2017 09:22 PM
I was charged for three $16.35 for three messages from the above number.My telephone provider do not give refunds for these unsolicited calls. I have had this number blocked .If you get calls/messages from this provider you must have them blocked otherwise the charges will continue
Tuesday, September 09 2014 10:26 PM
Similar to the below, a content purchases amount of 13.64 was charged to my Vodafone account without my knowledge. Rang Vodafone and then Bongiorno to cancel subcription. Will need to ring Vodafone again after 48 hours to dispute charges. Surely, Vodafone must know about these third party scams
Alex Kalenjuk
Tuesday, September 09 2014 05:51 PM
I was charged $13.64 as well and I have to say, there must be a way of stopping this from happening. Surely they need to come up with a legal document stating that I have approved the charge against my account. I am calling Optus immediately to get my refund.
king chew
Monday, September 08 2014 03:03 AM
I have been scammed as well unauthorised charged. Called vodafone needed me to ring the scam company for refund. The scam company asked me to send an email for refund and now I'm waiting for progress...
Peter Hannon
Sunday, September 07 2014 10:41 PM
I just spotted this on my last 2 bills also. I'm going to Vodafone today to demand a credit for this amount - I DID NOT sign up for this (apparently someone can randomly use your number when signing up and you get billed!!) I am also going to make a complaint to the police for fraud (just ticking that box) and will take the complaint back to Vodafone if no satisfaction. I read that some people with Optus got a refund - can anyone please verify this? Thanks
Friday, September 05 2014 07:30 AM
I have been charged $13.65 on my vodafone bill and intend to make a report of this behaviour to the telecommunication ombudsman. No authorization for this blatant scam.
I certainly expect an immediate refund.
Tuesday, August 26 2014 11:09 PM
Opened my Vodafone bill today and was charged a $13.64 + GST for a content purchases. I never join this scam company on the internet.i don't understand how both vodafone can just pass of responsibility since its been charge through them, how can they not be aware of this and allow this sort of things to happen.
Monday, August 25 2014 06:38 AM
Got charged by gamifive two months in a row now!!!! The moment I saw the first charge on my bill (I always check my phone bills), I called Telstra. They 'seemed' helpful, barred all premium services for me, suggested I call the provider to request a refund and assured this will not happen again.
I called gamifive, got confirmed that I have now unsubscribed and was given an email to request a refund:

Now, what a disgrace, I see they charged me again. Straight away, call to telstra who says they can't do anything - I have to deal with the provider (wtf, I already have, only they have failed to actually unsubscribe me). Turns out, Telstra's barring only works for FUTURE!!!! Premium subscriptions.
I got furious, asking what is to happen and how is Telstra to support me if it turns out they charged me again next month. WELL: telstra said I could always change my phone number (which I had for 7 years!).
I don't know what else to do!!!
donna Richards
Tuesday, August 19 2014 11:36 PM
so dodgy ! charged $15 to my vodafone account for this "bojurno game service". I have no idea why. I do not play games. This should not be legal. Third parties charging my private phone account without any written, audio confirmation???? RIDICULOUS!!! vodafone- Extremely unhelpful, refused to refund me , said I had to deal with the third party. NOT HAPPY!!!!
Andrew Bauer
Tuesday, August 19 2014 07:12 AM
What a rort. Being billed $14 per month since May this year.
What worries me is that this could be duplicated over and over again by others.
Phone belonged to my under aged daughter who is not legally allowed to enter a contract.
Their is no game loaded , there is bloody nothing but as soon as they send text YOUR CHARGED on your phone bill. Sounds totally unreal doesnt it
Tuesday, August 19 2014 04:24 AM
Just recieved my vodafone phone bill and I sm being charged an extra $10.91 from a third party and gamifive/buongiorno. This is a disgrace that anyone can charge a service provider to charge me no other app, online store or website charges directly to the service provider you need a credit card or paypal acct. This is blatant theft and in my case vodafone is an accomplice
Tuesday, August 19 2014 03:04 AM
i had the same happen to me today as well, and i also went through the same frustration with vodafone by being provided another 1300 number to call, only that it was the wrong one, after spending nearly an hour going back and forth with vodafone and some other company, i found the number myself through google.
i don't understand how both vodafone can just pass of responsibility since its been charge through them, how can they not be aware of this and allow this sort of things to happen.
Also, with Buongiorno claim that i signed up by agreeing to their terms and condition which i did no such thing as i would have recalled.
so frustrated with the lack of support from vodafone, seriously thinking about cancelling with vodafone.
Saturday, August 09 2014 04:51 AM
So shock to discovered what is happening to me has already happened to many Australians! Opened my Vodafone bill today and was charged a $13.64 for a content purchases I could not have done as I was working and on the road at the time of the transaction! Went to see a Vodafone customer service, and been advice this is a 1800 number from buongiorno gamifive ? I don't buy anything with my phone nothing to say about a game! Useless help from vodaphone, have to pay the fees....and deal with this scam company! Furious at both , Vodafone and buongiorno! Really considering further action with Vodafone, who should be protecting their customers of theses kinds of scam! Feeling used and trusting less and less the new technologies!
Robyn Stampton
Saturday, August 09 2014 12:45 AM
For the past 3 months I have been billed through Vodafone at $10.91 per month for a subscription to Buongiorno which I have never asked for nor subscribed to and did not know I had until today. I have tried to unsubscribe only to be told by the number that they only do Mon - Fri AEST. My phone has no app for this mob nor have I ever accessed anything from them. I would like to know why Vodafone allowed them to do this? and how did thy get my phone number?
Wednesday, August 06 2014 03:42 AM
Gamifive charge me $10.91 for the service without my authorisation.
, vodaphone help me block the service ask me to contact them for
The refund but the 1800 number I can't through not sure if there anything I can do to get my money back.
Monday, August 04 2014 08:01 AM
Discovered $13.64 charge on Vodafone bill, called Vodafone and was informed it was gamifive buongiorno and was given a number to call to get refund and unsubscribe. I HAVE NEVER SUBSCRIBED OR CLICKED ON ANY LINKS NOR HAVE I EVER RECEIVED ANY TEXT MSG TO NOTIFY ME OF A SUBSCRIPTON. Vodafone were really unhelpful telling me they could not block it or refund the fee! I will be cancelling my account with Vodafone.
Russel Morrison
Friday, July 18 2014 02:44 AM
Same as all below except now charging $15.00 pm. Vodaphone blocked but have said I need to get refund from their company.
Tuesday, July 15 2014 10:50 PM
Charges rounded to $13.64 for Australian dollars. I have been on mobivillage website and I have never installed any of their apps. How do they get away with this?
Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:30 AM
Same here. They just sent me an SMS and charged me $12 through Optus for it. Optus blocked all content services for me immediately and refunded the money. However, they seemed at a loss how to stop this criminal organisation charging without authorisation.
Sunday, June 22 2014 10:07 PM
Bad behavior . just sent me a free msg then charge me $12/month. rang them to unsubscribe.
ted tor
Thursday, April 03 2014 11:37 PM
I received a sms"FreeMsg:Ur subscription to PlayPlanet Mobivillage has been successful. $12 per/month Helpline 1800767584 Reply STOP to stop"
Thinking it was a scam message only to find it had changed a $12 charge from my Opus prepaid account. Called the number, operator in South Africa, got her to cancel service; I did not authorise or request anything from this mob, BEWARE OF MESSAGES LIKE ABOVE
Thursday, March 27 2014 03:58 AM
Had $12 charges from this number. Not happy. Service charges to mobile account without any authorisation from account holder. Never signed up or accepted these charges.

Called Optus to block number & they stopped the subscription & reversed the fee.
Tan Le
Sunday, January 26 2014 10:15 PM
Gamifive Mobivillage from Buongiorno. I have called Optus and they are happily to block the number and refund the amount of $12 (incl. GST)
Liam Adams
Tuesday, August 06 2013 11:46 PM
I am being charged a monthly fee for a service i did not accept or sign up to.
Graeme Collins
Tuesday, February 12 2013 06:08 AM
service charges to mobile phones without authorization or confirmation of identity.
Also associated to number 19900007 and

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