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Complaints for phone number 1800 764 884

There are 4 reported complaints for phone number: 1800 764 884. Add your complaint

Sunday, July 12 2015 09:15 PM
BigPond technical support is 133 933, the other number is a con.
Friday, March 20 2015 01:36 AM
Same story... thought i was ringing telstra lol. gave remote access, told me csrss.exe was a virus (actually its an important subsystem executable that if u delete you will stuff your computer) and tried to charge me money etc...
Telstra / bigpond should be onto this... it used to be we would receive a call and get scammed, now we are actually ringing the scammers lol.
btw why do you need my email in order for me to post this... ah paranoia
Kelly McCue
Monday, January 12 2015 07:59 PM
I also called the phone number 1800 764884 today 13th January, 2015 because I was having trouble accessing my email. The number was on the help page for Yahoo ,, the Man I spoke to asked me for access to my computer desk top to help me ,, told me I had a hacker and took me to a site with payment options for internet protection. I refused and he added his name and number onto my desk top for me to contact him tomorrow!
1-800-757-069 toll free
jack Anderson
I am usually so careful!!!
Saturday, August 16 2014 04:53 AM
I called phone number 1800764884 at 10:45 AM on Sat. the 16th of Aug. representing my friend for fixing a email access problem because the phone number was under the name of Hotmail Support Team on web page. The lady who had answered my call, asked me to download a remote control program for the fixing. I did download the it and ran the code,and gave away the control of my computer. She told me my email account was hacked and ask for charge of A$300 as cost of fixing. I refused and deleted the downloaded code.
I realized now it may be a trap from somebody but I am not quite known how this could be done under phone number 1800764884.
Please give me some hints as a reasonable explanation.

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