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Complaints for phone number 1800 306 005

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Sunday, February 09 2014 12:57 PM
Unknown caller
Asked for me by name.
Wouldn't give any details of themselves or identify where they were calling from.
Thus my motto came into play.
You don't tell me who you are then I'm not who you are looking for.

Called from a private phone number but gave 1800306005 as a number to call back.

Done this from my mobile phone and privatised my number..
All I keep getting is an answering machine with a foreign accent saying the person you are calling us unavailable please leave a message ect...

Obviously I didn't leave a message...

Something seemed very suss...
I have searched many sites and different browsers to find this number above but couldn't find ANYTHING..
Any business that is legitimate would have their number listed somewhere wouldn't they?
Or is that just me who thinks that.

Anyway I just wrote this out incase anyone else has a similar experience.

If I find out who they are I will definitely comment back here with the details..
Or I would appreciate anyone else who has had dealings with this number or had a similar experience to please let me know who they are. If only out if curiosity that I knew who they are


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