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David Hawkins
Sunday, February 23 2014 01:21 AM
this is an extract of an email I sent to AVG Australia

I had Google Searched for a phone number and obtained an 1800 number.
The following experience was one of the most technically terrifying of my long computer existence.

The phone was answered by somebody with an Indian accent,. He was difficult to understand. I asked if he was AVG. To which he replied that his company did work for AVG. I explained that I required my Licence Number and my reason for it.

He skilfully avoided replying to that request and by a series of manipulations, obtained my name, phone number, and email address.
Why should I not give this information You guys have it on record and use it as customer identification. After all I had contacted AVG hadn't I???

Over the next hour a technician entered my machine via remote access and and by chat line, deliberately put the fear into me that my PC had most of its services stopped. That the PC was alive with malicious viruses that "must have been able to pass through the clean install".

"I have AVG".
Answer "We cannot comment on third party ....." and so on.

The approach was very smooth but we finally got round to the idea of the cost to fix my "Sick " PC.

Now I am a a qualified Electronics Technician with a few years in IT. So I was quite suspicious.

Crunch time. "But my original request was for my AVG licence number"

The same "we cannot comment....." which was about the third tim this message came . By now I realised that he pressed the button to print out the boiler plate text and I was the victim of a scam'

At this point I switched the laptop off as it was the only way to terminate the remote access.

That's when I phone AVG on the 1300 Number, got my help.
In passing I mentioned my experience to John who was relieved that i hadn't freleased any Credit card details.

During this conversation he informed me that people did not represent AVG and said that their website didn't imply that they did.

Well he is far from correct.

Go to this web address

It has AVG splashed about it in almost every line.

If your company can't stop them gulling the unsuspecting then you are going to lose a lot of business!!!

I would some feedback on any action that you are going to take over this incident (just don't sack john - he was just the messenger)
Firstly I have been gulled into providing personal information.
Secondly by the same means i have had my PC entered by a means which I consider to be illegal.
Grant Olsen
Thursday, February 13 2014 09:39 PM
I contacted as "Micosoft Online Support' thinking this was the company Microsoft and allowed them to came on board my system for approx ten minutes. They appear to be a legitimatew company but would like to know if they are domiciled in Australia and it appears there have been no complaints made against them. wondering if i should change passwords?


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