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Complaints for phone number 1800 047 639

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John (Bullsbrook 6084 WA)
Monday, August 11 2014 04:33 AM
I had the same call as Mary & Lee this afternoon at 1230 Perth time... I told them I couldn't access my computer until 1600 Perth time as it was doing a virus scan of the entire hard drives... I asked the man, "Josh Spencer" to call back then, guess what, no call-back... I phoned Telstra & told them & they confirmed that no such hacking had been attempted on my computer & that they had other reports of this scam attempt...
Wednesday, May 14 2014 08:09 AM
I too received a call tonight from Telstra technical department saying I had corrupted files and needed to pay $5.99 by card and she would send out technicians tomorrow,her name was Katherine smith with a Asian voice from 215 miller st nth sydney I.d.020146 contact no. 0261004275, I beleaved this was a scam as how would Telstra know what virus my computer has also the noise in background sounding like a call centre sounded to be repeating so watch out for scammers
Mary Nixon
Friday, January 10 2014 12:00 AM
Approx. 6.30 pm 9/1/14 I received a call from "Telstra" telling me that someone from Africa had got hold of my Ip address and as a courtesy Telstra was ringing to assist me to avoid me losing money to these people. This had happened all around Australia. The woman sounded very mature an authoritative, although I did think I could hear children in the background and there had been a delay when I answered the call. She, Michelle Johnson, assured me that she was calling from Telstra, 215 Miller Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, and that if I would just go to my computer she would assist me as to how to solve the problem. Fortunately I cannot do this easily, in fact I would usually be quite suspicious as I do not have internet access at home, however I have recently been using Aldi to personal hotspot, and Aldi uses Telstra. I said I would have to call her back, so she gave me the above number, and her Employer ID 1986025 to ask for when I rang. I rang the number and got a "this number is not available etc" which did not impress me. Not long later I received a return call on my landline - although I had rung from a mobile and asked her to ring my mobile back, so I explained I could not talk to her on the land line and access my computer at the same time. It was a comprehensive call, mentioning technical assistance departments etc. so I said I would try her again on my mobile. In the meantime I entered the 1800 number in the search engine and found this site, but the number unlisted. I did not ring her back . . . however she did, and I checked the address etc knowing I would hand it on to this site. If I was not familiar with Telstra I could well have been conned, as the use of the personal hot spot and the fortnight of the supposed window is in line with a Telstra signal upgrade in this district. I said I would ring her back tomorrow, ie today. I have not rung - I wonder if she will? In all I have had 3 calls from Michelle - I wonder if they are on a bonus payment system.

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