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Complaints for phone number 1800 041 267

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John Fernandes
Monday, July 28 2014 01:01 AM
Very stupid and moronic support number.
I needed to know how to find the warranty information for the notebook I have.
You your web page I input the serial number and then the type number and then the SUM but it fails to give me any result.
Thinkpad T540p
S/N 202886-34
Type 20A7 (what I found after looking at model number)

Called support no 1800041267
Press 1 to check existing request or
press 2 to create new request.
This message plays as long as I hold. Does not give any other option. I don't want to create a new request. I only want to ask a question. I have been in the loop for the last 24 minutes.
Why a corporation such as yours has such stupid menu option that it does not come out of the loop?

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